Software Craftsmanship Community


  • The goal of Software Craftsmanship is to increase the quality of software through education and ongoing training of developers
  • The goal of the Software Craftmanship Community is to build a community of developers that care about the quality of their software and want to enter open discussions about code quality and best practices to improve their skills
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What is Software Craftsmanship?

If you're reading this page, the likelihood of you having written code before is relatively high. Or maybe you're just starting to write code and have stumbled upon this page by pure curiosity.

When writing code, we usually focus on the end result and make sure that the code meets our expected outcome.
However, in the process of doing so we tend to forget about the quality of the code that we write.

How many times have you revisited a past project and asked yourself what it was you were trying to achieve.
Or maybe you wrote a feature in the past and the feature needs to be tweaked to mirror the new  

Writing code is not just about the end goal. Code is a living document that changes depending on the business / feature requirements. Business / feature requirements can change relatively quickly and so the code must also be changed quickly.

What is the Software Craftsmanship Community?

Now that you know what software craftsmanship is all about, let me tell you about the software craftsmanship community.

Over the years, I have noticed that developers ask questions on how to do certain things. However, I have rarely seen anyone ask "how to I make this piece of code readable and maintainable?". With the software craftmanship community I want to offer developers a place where these types of questions can be answered openly and honestly.

My vision for the software craftsmanship community is to enable developers to find other like minded developers that care about writing qualitative and maintainable code.

Sounds like the community that you've been looking for? Then join the discord server and chime in with your thoughts and ideas about best practices, design patterns, test driven development & so much more!